Thalia is an established and highly motivated management professional with 12+ years of experience in navigating the complexities of brand, asset, retail, project, and product management frameworks in leadership and support roles. She leverages a creative eye and an understanding of industry best practices and market trends to drive growth and deliver results. 
Thalia has the ability to figure out solutions in the midst of chaos and manages tech & creative teams while facilitating effective communication to ensure maximum visibility of the project to all stakeholders using Agile frameworks. 
Her experience spans a diverse range of industries and has fostered an aptitude for improving the frameworks at the foundation. 
Thalia thrives in an environment where she has the chance to engage in a multitude of different disciplines, working collaboratively with colleagues to establish a collective vision and end goal. She is proactive, versatile, and endlessly creative, bringing to the table the ability to drive positive change and deliver bottom-line results. 
Outside of work, Thalia has a passion for photography and enjoys capturing the beauty of the world around her. You can also find her hiking and trail running, finding peace and clarity on the trails.
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